Ebates Reviews – Is Ebates Legit Or No?

If you are a regular online shopper, then the idea of a website that could help you save a couple more dimes from your budget would definitely be a great one. Talking about savings, Ebates is one of the renowned platforms where you can actually earn some extra cash on your next purchase. This is more of a one-stop shop for all your best deals and although it’s a relatively new concept, it provides a new window of opportunity for quality-conscious shoppers.

Ebates Review

Ebates is a cash-back company that rewards online shoppers for shopping at online stores that are affiliated with the company. It offers and easy and painless way to earn a little bit of money. Members can earn up-to 40% cash back on their online purchases from more than 2,000 of the biggest stores as well as specialty boutiques without paying any membership fee. So whether it is women’s or men’s clothing, baby, kids and toys, office supplies, electronics, and computers or even shoes and handbags you would like to purchase at online stores affiliated with Ebates, you will surely have an easy time finding what you could be looking for.

While you might not shop from all the stores, you definitely have a wide range of options to choose from. The stores usually pay Ebates a commission every time a member buys an item and then part of the commission earned is paid to the members. In addition, the company also offers over 10,000 different coupons that save you some cash thereby prompting its members to keep shopping through them from any of their affiliated stores.

How Does Ebates Work?

To start earning extra cash from your online purchases via Ebates, you first need to sign up for an account using your email address. The sign-up process is quite simple and free. After creating an account you will then be given a gift card that is worth $10 for a store of your choice. And to begin shopping, find a store you would like to shop from using the search box, then review the cash back offers available and then click the “Shop Now” button. After you are done shopping, your points will be added later to your account automatically and this process is typically within one to six days.

The cash back will then be officially yours once the 60-days holding period is over. The payments are usually made on set days, quarterly on the 15th of May, August, November, and February either via check by having it mailed to your home-address or via PayPal. However, in order get your cash back payment from Ebates, you need to have at least a balance of $5.

Upside of Ebates

  • All mailing and transaction fees when sending out the cash back payments are handled by Ebates
  • Members can earn over $25 cash back for referring their friends through Ebates’ referral scheme on the first purchases made by them
  • It’s easy and free to use
  • You can easily maximize your rewards at Ebates by simply combining them with coupons
  • Offers great customer service and shopping experience
  • You enjoy in-store cash back as well on stores like Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters
  • Every cash back offer (s) at Ebates is explicitly displayed and there are no hidden charges
  • They have been around since 2000 so they are not new in the market. This goes to show they are a reputable company that can be trusted.
  • Affiliated with some of the biggest and most popular stores like Amazon, eBay, Samsung Group, Walmart, Kohl’s, Groupon and Macy’s

Ebates Downfalls

  • You only get paid quarterly in a year which is an issue for some members. They feel that Ebates should send payments more often.
  • Delayed or missed payouts for some members but Ebates so far has been handling the problem very well.
  • Sometimes the shopping categories you could be interested in could be limited in number depending on which store you shop. But luckily you can use Ebates from anywhere so long as the store you purchase your items can ship them to you.

Is Ebates Legit or It’s Just A Scam?

No doubt, Ebates is a legitimate way to earn cash back and therefore is not a scam. Many people online have reported successes. However, it is not a get-rich-quick website either. It’s more of an opportunity for you to maximize on your value for money than a side-hustle.

Nest vs. Arlo: Which is better?

Home security is one of the top priorities in everyone’s mind, and knowing what’s happening around our beloved paradise is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are hundreds of top-notch security cameras available to us. However, choosing the right product can often prove to be a hurdle. Today we are going to compare between two of the leading security cameras available on the market.

The installation process is one of the first things that come to our mind before picking a security camera. Both the security cameras have a simple and straightforward installation process. However, Arlo is completely wireless, making it must faster and easier to install than its counterpart. While on the other hand Nest requires a wired setup with a power source, which makes the installation process slightly lengthy. Design and aesthetics are also very important when it comes to picking a security camera. After-all, we all want our homes to look beautiful, and especially the camera that’s looking after our home for us. Both cameras come with an elegant design and are very portable, allowing you to fit them anywhere you want.

Now let’s talk about features! Both Arlo and Nest comes with state of the art technology and features like Cloud Storage, Nightvision, and many others. Arlo has some exclusive features like being completely wireless, rechargeable batteries, Smart Siren feature and many other additional benefits. Nest is not behind Arlo in any way and offers its own unique features like 1080p HD Video, Motion Zones, and 24×7 On-demand video.

Both Arlo and Nest can be managed using their own Mobile application, and these applications come with with a lot of useful and modern features. Arlo mobile application comes with three different modes: Armed, Disarmed and Geofencing, and while armed, the camera records any detected movement and sends it to your smartphone. While on the other hand, Geofencing tracks your phone and when you leave the vicinity of your house, it activates the motion sensors and other security features. Nest also has a very stylish and sophisticated mobile application, which allows you to change the quality of the video feed, or to turn it on and off on its own. The Nest app also has a Home/Away assist system, which is very similar to Arlo’s Geofencing mode.

Customer care and support is also another major concern when it comes to picking a product. Luckily for us, both Arlo and Nest are leading brands and both of them have their own excellent customer care and support teams. To sum it up, both cameras have their own advantages and amazing features, and anyone buying them will definitely be satisfied by their performance.